Government has challenged the nation to strengthen efforts to develop drought resistant crops, besides maize.

Dora Siliya, agriculture minister recently said to plough a variety of crop will mitigate the effects of climate change on national food security.

“There is a need to intensify research in alternative crops like cassava, so that it can be planted on a large scale to feed the nation in times of poor rain due to climate change,” Siliya said.

She said access to alternative crops by vulnerable groups is a central aspect in achieving food security and enhancing resilience.

In addition, Dora highlighted that it is critical for poor and vulnerable groups to have access to alternative crops, as they are more likely to be affected by climate change.

Siliya said efforts should be made at reducing the exposure of small-scale farmers to short-term risks, while building their capacity to prosper in the face of shocks and long-term stresses.