Solar Panels

South African firm Gridbow Engineers’ financiers for the proposed US$30 million solar energy project have requested for a detailed feasibility study.

The project set to be implemented in Nansanga, Luena, Manshya and Lusiwasi farm blocks is to supply affordable solar energy to the farming community, off the national power grid.

Jabu Chabata, Gridbow Engineers Chairman said funders want more information such as crops to be grown in each farm block, production, cultivation methods, number and size of dams, and number of farmers per farm block, among others.

“Our position is that the funders who are very keen to proceed with the project have requested for a lot of information.

“Having worked in different countries, we must state that Zambia is being led by one of the most open and accommodating government we have ever conducted business with,” he said.

The company has resolved to conduct its own feasibility studies, which will supplement the already available information, which will be submitted to the funders.

Chabata said government has been very supportive and accommodating.

“The fact that government has offered us an opportunity to invest in the farm blocks is a clear indication and demonstration of their desire to bring investments into the country and uplift lives of its people,” he said.