Plans to set up fish farm in Luangwa district are progressing, as the company recently submitted its environment impact assessment (EIA) to authorities.

The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) is now in possession of EIA report for the proposed Luangwa Bridge Fish Farm Limited. Belgium farmer developer of the project has set aside US$480,000 to establish the aquaculture farm expected to contribute to overall national production and reduce the deficit.

Currently, Zambia’s fish deficit stands at 85,000 metric tonnes, with the country producing 80,000 tonnes from rivers and lakes; and 20,000 tonnes from aquaculture, altogether making 100,000 tonnes in total.

The objective of the project is to establish a fish farm that will produce fingerlings and supply fish to the local market. The firm will create over 80 jobs for the locals and produce about 100
tonnes of fish annually.

“Luangwa Bridge Fish Farm Limited intends to put up its investment in fish farming. Exploiting the potential will enable the company to contribute to increased overall national production level of fish to
meet demand at national and regional levels.

“The company is committed to ensuring that local and international legal requirements are adhered to and communities in the area where the firm operates benefit from the investment,” reads part of the

The report also says the company will be breeding tilapia and African catfish. Under the project, the firm will establish a fish hatchery, digging earth ponds for breeding and growing fish. The hatchery will also be used for producing fingerlings both for sale and growing-out in the farm ponds.