The Cotton sub sector encompasses a long value chain of which proper exploitation could result in the establishment of various industries leading economic improvement noted the Cotton Board of Zambia (CBZ).

CBZ Senior Inspector, Nyambe Kwalombota added that the cotton industry was a lucrative sub sector which if properly managed could also generate wealth through establishment of spinning mills.

Nyambe emphasized on the need to create an enabling environment so that the sub sector attracts investors.

The CBZ Senior Inspector also noted that soap, being a by-product of cotton, could lead to the establishment of manufacturing industries and creation of employment.

“We need to lobby because we already have the materials and the sector is very rich. There are so many players who can benefit from this sector. We need is to attract investors to the sector,”Nyambe said.

Due to the effects of climatic changes such as the low rainfall received in the last farming season and land degradation, Zambia incurred low cotton production.