A record-breaking 18,800 visitors thronged the gates of the 10th anniversary AgriTech Expo in Chisamba, Zambia, this April. Eager to glean the latest advancements in agriculture, the throng buzzed with a shared purpose – to cultivate a future brimming with food security and prosperity.

This landmark event, spearheaded by DLG Agriculture, the Zambian National Farmers Union (ZNFU), and the Golden Valley Research Trust (GART), served as a vibrant marketplace. It brought together industry bigwigs, budding agri-entrepreneurs, and farmers of all stripes. From seasoned commercial producers to those just starting to sow the seeds of their dreams, all gathered to forge lucrative agribusiness deals and gain insights into the future of farming.

The expo wasn’t just about deals; it was a knowledge feast. Workshops, demonstrations, and meticulously maintained crop plots served as a smorgasbord of information. Attendees witnessed cutting-edge technology and machinery in action, tools designed to empower sustainable farming practices and propel agribusiness success.

Spanning an impressive 85,000 square meters, the expo grounds transformed into a haven for agricultural innovation. From world-class machinery suppliers showcasing their latest offerings to esteemed guests like Minister of Agriculture Reuben Mutolo Phiri and Minister of Water Development and Sanitation Mike E Mposha, the expo pulsed with importance.

This year also saw the introduction of exciting new zones. The expanded drone zone buzzed with five exhibitors, while the insurance and finance zone offered farmers a chance to explore financing options and the latest financial products from well-known brands.

AgriTech Expo 2024 reaffirmed its international appeal with a wider presence from Zimbabwe and China. Country pavilions teemed with international suppliers from Germany, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Mauritius, and beyond. Each brought with them a unique blend of innovations tailored to address the specific needs of regional farmers.

The expo encompassed a diverse range of dedicated zones, including an irrigation zone, an energy park, a livestock zone, a machinery and equipment demonstration area, and a zone specifically catering to small and medium-sized enterprises.

As the dust settles on this year’s phenomenal expo, one thing is certain: the seeds of anticipation for AgriTech Expo 2025 have already been sown. We eagerly await the next harvest of technological advancements that promise to empower farmers and cultivate a brighter future for all.