After signing a partnership agreement with turnkey energy services company Centennial Generating, renewable energy leasing solutions company Solarise Africa announced its expansion into Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia.

The collaboration comprises seven projects in Rwanda, distributed across the sectors of education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, hospitality and agriculture; two projects in Zambia; and an upcoming Solarise Africa portfolio project in Uganda.

This comes after Solarise Africa last year raised $10-million in its Series B funding round to bolster its focus on expansion into Africa.

“Our solutions allow business customers to bridge the financing hurdle and reduce dependence on an unstable power grid, greatly improving up-time and productivity,” says Solarise Africa co-founder and East Africa MD Patrik Huber.

“By partnering with Solarise, we are offering both battery energy storage and solar projects to commercial and industrial facilities. These projects are fully financed with turnkey engineering and asset management services. Centennial’s projects are designed to improve our customers’ profitability, stabilise their power supply and support their commitments to achieving sustainability goals,” adds Centennial founder and MD David John Frenkil.

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