Spit-Intelligent has created an exclusive package specifically for poultry which will allow more members to participate in the show, without the usual high investment rates associated with Agritech Expo. In the PAZ Poultry Pavilion, each PAZ member will receive the following:

  • Company logo to feature on the www.agritech-expo.com website, reflecting their participation in the show, with a directly hyperlink to a webpage of your choice 25 word company description to accompany your logo on the website
  • Company logo to be featured in the show guide, going out to every visitor on entry
  • Each company will be allocated a 9sqm (3 x 3) of raw outdoor exhibition space, in order to create a display area for farmers and farming professionals to discuss business with them (more space can be arranged if necessary for constructing poultry pens etc)
  • Each company have the opportunity to brand this area as they see fit, with tear drop banners, flags and promotional collateral, in order to generate maximum brand positioning and awareness (all branded material to be supplied by the exhibiting company)
  • Each company will be allocated 5 x staff tickets to man their exhibition space (more can be arranged in necessary)
  • Investment required = $1000 excl 5% registration fee per company

In order to create this pavilion, Spint- Intelligent is asking if PAZ can bring in a minimum of 20 x companies.Those members interested in exhibiting in this poultry Pavilion should register with the secretariat at least by end of February 2016.

The Agri Expo 2016 takes place from 14-16th April 2016 .Venue: GART Research, Chisamba, Zambia.