New global irrigation solutions company-Orbia has been born, two years after Netafim and Mexichem partnered and the later acquired 80% stake.

Daniel Martinez-Valle, Chief Executive Officer of Mexichem said the announcement of new brand, values, purpose and name is prompted by the massive transformation and growth.

 “To become a future-fit, purpose driven company, we need to organise ourselves in a way that serves our customers best.

“Every single one of us has a role to play in addressing the global challenges we face— and they can only be tackled if we work together and shift our thinking from ‘me to we’,” Martinez-Valle said.

He said it took a lot of work and many conversations to understand how to transform the company.

“It was a long journey to develop the concept of Orbia.”

 The new name and long-term business strategy position the company to respond to global opportunities to ensure food security, reduce water scarcity, reinvent the future of cities and homes, connect communities around the world to global data infrastructure, and expand access to health and wellness with advanced materials through innovation and customer-centricity, elevating the company’s ongoing commitment to improving quality of life for people and communities around the world.

The company’s authorities said chemicals, mining, and manufacturing will continue to be important parts of Orbia’s overall business, but the name change reflects a broader, more inclusive expression of the company’s global impact.

“Orbia is a community of companies bound together by a shared purpose: to advance life around the world. To achieve its purpose, Orbia is now organised in five business groups.”

The business groups deal with industry’s that are vital to how we live today and what tomorrow will look like.

The five business groups are:

• Precision Agriculture

• Building & Infrastructure

• Fluor

• Data Communication

• Polymer Solutions

Through these business groups, Orbia sets out to address certain complex global challenges such as:

• How do we feed the world sustainably?

• How can we better manage our water systems?

• How do we make cities more liveable, lovable, and resilient?

• How do we connect and empower communities with data?

• Can health and well-being be made more accessible?

• How do we push beyond sustainability to regeneration?