NITROGEN Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) is targeting to produce 100,000 metric tonnes of D Compound fertiliser this year.

Compound fertilizers are made using basic fertilizer materials, such as NH3, ammonium phosphate, urea, S, and K salts. … Pipe-cross reactors are used to chemically melt NH3, acids containing S or P, and other nutrients—such as K sources and micronutrients—into a solid fertilizer with the desired nutri- ent content.

Huminrich NPK Fertilizer is organic fertilizer, it contains organic matter and npk, use it can increase the phosphorus content in soil, promote plant growth, improve the quality of fruit trees.

The firm has also started negotiations with Government on a possible contract of fertiliser supply for the 2019-20 farming season under the subsidy programme, evoucher – farmer input support programme.