The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) is throwing its weight behind Zambia’s economic revival, pledging nearly a billion dollars to unlock the country’s potential. The strategy focuses on two key areas: building vital infrastructure and empowering the agricultural sector.

This welcome shot in the arm comes courtesy of the newly approved Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for 2024-2029. “We’re here to help Zambia hit the fast track on economic transformation,” declared Raubil Durowoju, AfDB’s Country Office head in Zambia. “Better infrastructure is the backbone – it boosts productivity, strengthens Zambia’s competitive edge, and ultimately improves lives.”

The AfDB plans to grease the wheels of the Zambian industry by expanding the road and rail network. This improved connectivity will not only unlock development opportunities across various sectors but also make life easier for citizens. Climate resilience is a key focus, with the bank aiming to create infrastructure that can withstand the challenges of a changing environment.

But the focus isn’t just on concrete and steel. The AfDB recognises the importance of a healthy population for a thriving economy. Investments in water and sanitation will provide Zambians with greater access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities. This translates to a healthier citizenry, reduced medical costs, and a better overall quality of life.

Agriculture, the lifeblood of many African nations, isn’t left behind. The AfDB will channel resources towards developing farm blocks and fortifying agricultural value chains. This will not only make Zambian agriculture more productive but also more climate-resistant. Innovation takes centre stage as the AfDB plans to work with the government and private sector to support tech and digital startups in the agricultural space, creating a dynamic and future-proof agricultural sector.

With 23 ongoing projects already underway, the AfDB’s commitment to Zambia is clear. This strategic partnership promises to empower Zambian businesses, create jobs, and propel the nation towards a brighter economic future.