A local firm, Wamis Agro Seed Enterprise, has received capital injection of K225,000 to buy 25 tonnes of soya beans seed from an out-grower scheme in Kapiri Mposhi district.

Wamis Agro Seed Enterprise is an innovative local seed company, specialised in quality seed legumes such as soya beans, groundnuts, cow peas and sugar beans production using the farmer out-grower scheme.

Company co-director for production and marketing Abraham Susiku said the firm has managed to train 50 farmers in seed production from September last year, to-date in Ntasa area.

In an interview yesterday, Mr Susiku said AgriProFocus through the business linkage function facilitated for the funding.

He said the enterprise is also active in research, plant breeding, seed production and processing, sales and marketing of legume varieties and others.

“We faced challenges in the buying of the soya beans seed when it was ready from the 50 farmers. We have been training because we did not have enough money and we needed to buy 25 metric tonnes.

“We tried to source for funding from different avenues including Nyamuka Zambia but it did not work. Then that is how AgriProFocus linked us to an investor who invested a total of K225,000 in our business,” Mr Susiku said.

He said the firm is also working in partnership with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) under the youth agri-business programme.

The partnership with ILO and FAO has helped Wamis Agro Seed Enterprise to develop innovative and field-tested approaches that address the constraints rural areas face.

He said the firm will continue promoting the use of improved quality seed and strengthening communication with farmers