At the official opening of the National Agriculture Field Day in Chief Mibenge’s Chiefdom in Mansa district on the Luapula province, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has called on all chiefs nationwide to begin seed processing.

At the very event which was organised by the Zambia National Farmers’ Union and other stakeholders, the President was eager to learn more on how the traditional leader has successfully grown maize and other crops.

The Head of State was happy that the traditional leader has taken agriculture seriously and was leading by example as evidenced from the yield at his farm.

President Lungu has since advised traditional leaders to employ seed processing companies for guidance on the best seed varieties to plant with the ongoing unfavorable weather patterns being experienced nationwide.

“Issues of climate change might affect the agriculture sector if concerted efforts are not put in place,” said the Head of State.

Meanwhile, Chief Mibenge of the Ushi people has called on University Graduates to take up Agriculture as a career seeming that it is one of the easiest methods of income generation with less working capital.

During the National Field Day opening, the traditional leader said graduates should not wait for white collar jobs but consider venturing in Agriculture.