Fish Farm

President Edgar Lungu has advised farmers to start investing in fish farming, to halt importing of fish from other countries.

The President further said farmers cultivating maize and soya beans would no longer complain about non-availability of market for their produce once more people start engaging in fish farming.

“We need more soya beans so that we can feed into this fish farming industry, which is coming up,” said President Lungu.

Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka, Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) president says the agricultural sector is set to become the country’s biggest employer if only citizens using government’s good policies could diversify their agricultural practices.

“It’s very good that for the past three years, government has continued to announce measures in the national budget that are aimed at putting more land under irrigation to ensure that we grow existing farmers from subsistent to commercial farmers, and also measures have been put in place to ensure that more people come on board and do fish farming,” said Dr. Haabazoka.

Fish Farm