As part of its efforts to improve measuring low-density (powdery), fine-grained bulk solids, such as plastic granules, cement, and food like flour, sugar and animal feed, KOBOLD, represented locally by Instrotech has introduced Kobold NSV level monitors.

The new devices work by the vibrating fork principle, the fork, specifically designed for use in bulk solids, continuously vibrates, and when it is covered by a medium, the vibration behaviour changes.

According to KOBOLD when the device detects this change, it is displayed on a red LED and an additional relay output is provided for signal transmission.

In addition, the NSV limit level detectors are ruggedly, but compactly constructed of stainless steel and are insensitive to humidity in materials.

“Mounting is possible from the top and from the side of a bin, so devices are not only suitable for protection against over-filling, but also signal minimum level accurately.

Mountable evaluation electronics are well protected at the top of the device ending in a protection class IP 65 plastic terminal box,” said KOBOLD.

Meanwhile the specific versions with elongated neck pipe of up to 3m, make it easy to install vibrating forks in varying heights.

And the devices have no mechanical moving parts and are thus virtually maintenance-free. The NVS can be used in explosion-proof areas according to ATEX II 1/2 D Ex tD A20/A21.