High number of rigs on Lake Kariba in Sinazongwe district used to capture sardines locally known as kapenta has reached worrying levels.

Protacio Mulenga, Sinazongwe District Commissioner said there are currently over 1200 kapenta rigs on the Zambian side, despite the area’s capacity of 500 vessels.

He says the district has proposed some reforms to parliament to ensure kapenta is not depleted in the lake.

Government’s intention is to ensure controlled fishing on the lake.

Bernard Mulenga, Kapenta Fishers Association Chairperson said kapenta catches have gone down to as low as 10 kilogrammes per vessel in a single night.

Meanwhile, Johann Jordaan Managing Partner of one of the biggest Kapenta Fishers Zongwe Farming Enterprise has urged government to ensure all those operating vessels have licenses.

In addition, Jordaan is suggesting a three month fishing ban from October to December apart from the usual monthly 10 days ban to allow people in the area engage more in farming to ensure food security.