Professor Nkandu Luo, the Minister of Fisheries and Livestock, has claimed that if the Patriotic Front (PF) 2021–2026 Manifesto is adopted, Zambia will become Africa’s food basket.

Prof Luo said at the ruling party’s Interactive Forum in Lusaka that the PF Government’s decision to connect the country through good roads is crucial and has resulted in an improvement in the agriculture sector.

Farmers are finding it easy to transport their agricultural produce to readily accessible markets, she said, despite critics who have downplayed the PF Government’s resolve to develop roads across the region.

“The agriculture sector will only flourish if we build on the successes of massive infrastructure development that the PF Government has embarked on. If the PF 2021 – 2026 Manifesto is implemented, Zambia is poised to be a food basket for Africa and also a transport hub due to massive development in the road, rail and air transport sector,” she said.

“The decision by PF to link the country is critical and we will build on our successes to improve agriculture. Good roads have enabled smooth movement of agriculture produce to readily available markets.”

Prof Luo added that diversification in the agriculture sector is very cardinal.

She noted the need to promote livestock farming in all parts of the country.

Meanwhile, Prof Luo said the formation of cooperatives is very cardinal and every citizen should see the need of belonging to one.

She said cooperatives help in the smooth resource mobilization for the establishment of businesses which ultimately leads to job and wealth creation.

” Cooperatives are key, they bring people with different abilities for easy management of resources. Every citizen must see the value of belonging to cooperatives going forward,” she said.