[dropcaps]F[/dropcaps]armers in Mkushi have expressed displeasure at Mkushi Council for the unstable position on a number of levies being charged on farmers.

This follows recent information from the local authority that the committee on finance has thrown away the agreed revised rates on grain levies and livestock movement. In a meeting convened early this year to discuss the renewing of the MOU between Mkushi Council and Mkushi Farmers Association, it was agreed to reduce grain levies from K0.90 to K0.45 per 50 kg while cattle and small livestock movement levies would reduce from K15.00 to K10 and K7.00 to K5.00 per animal respectively.

Sadly, these rates have been reversed without consulting the farmers. The farmers who interacted with the ZNFU this week are deeply saddened with Mkushi Council for lack of commitment to honour agreements and hence the call on government to remove the grain levy.