Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, Yang Youming said there is a great possibility for China and Zambia to complement each other to cement cooperation in agricultural sector.

The top Chinese official said Zambia’s favorable natural conditions for agricultural development and China’s cutting edge in capital, technology and experience present a great opportunity for the two countries to increase cooperation in the agricultural sector.

“I believe that, with the joint efforts of China and Zambia, the agricultural cooperation between our two countries will yield more extensive and fruitful results,” Yang said at the official opening of the China-African Agriculture Cooperation and Development Summit.

Organized by the China Agriculture Film and Television Center and Global Max Media Group in collaboration with the Agricultural and Commercial Society of Zambia, the summit seeks to exploit potentials of the two countries.

Youming said China will continue to encourage its enterprises to invest in Zambia’s agricultural sector.

He said a lot has been done between the two countries in the development of the agriculture sector in the southern African nation.

Dora Siliya, Minister of Agriculture in Zambia said the Zambia will remain indebted to China over its unparalleled support to development.

She said China has helped the country in various sectors, including agriculture and that currently discussions were underway for the development of a modern farming block in the northern part of the country.