BeefAMATHEON Agri Group, a German agricultural company, says its acquisition of the Best Beef and Best Pork Company is starting to yield positive results.

Amatheon Agri completed a formal takeover of the two Zambian abattoir and meat processors in June in a bid to consolidate its market share of Zambia’s beef industry.

Amatheon founder and chief executive officer Carl Bruhn said following the acquisitions, the performance of the two companies were already showing positive results in terms of strong synergies being created on the local market.

“They are performing very well and we already can see the synergies coming out after eight weeks; putting teams together now organising these distribution channels. We are able to provide the several distribution channels for the meat processing, that is our main objective and why it is so important to us,” he said in an interview.

Bruhn said the companies will continue developing and growing even with the stiff competition on the local market.

“We are open for competition, and it improves best practices and the best output for the consumer and this is why competition is always good. So, we look to our own way and really respect the competitors who are there, we think we will go our way,” added Bruhn.

And asked how the companies were coping in view of the continued load-shedding, Valentin Schnoor, the group’s business development manager, added that investment in generators have been made to mitigate the adverse impact of the power outages.

“They are all backed up by full generator solutions. Of course it is a challenge, simply from a financial point of view. But from a system point of view, it is all there,” said Schnoor.