In the wake of offering soya beans at k330 per kilogramme(kg) a year ago, agriculturists in Mzimba are currently stranded with immense huge amounts of the yield due to, among others over generation.

In the mean time, the cost of the product has gone down to as low as K120 per Kilogramme(KG)

Service of agriculture,Irrigation and water Development set K280 as least cost per kg for the harvests this year,which implies at K120,vendors are purchasing at K160 not exactly the prescribed cost and it is K210 not exactly the K330 they earned a year ago.

To exacerbate the situation, a few agriculturists from the neighboring Zambia are allegedly flooding Edingeni in Mzimba with Soya on the grounds that the Market is not empowering in their nation.

One of the agriculturists in Mzimba,Dorah Mvula of Timoti jere Village under inkosi ya makosi M’mbelwa V ,Said permeable outskirts with Zambia have prompted an Influx of the yield from the neighboring nation.

“we quit developing tobacco in light of the fact that the market was not conducive.Our believing was that soya is the genuine article, and the market is not that useful for every one of the agriculturists. You take a gander at work and after that somebody needs to purchase at K120 per Kg,would you make any benefit with that cost?”

Meanwhile,Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation(Admarc)is yet to begin purchasing the product from Farmers.

Admarc representative Agnes Chikoko said in a meeting that they are stillnegotiating at better costs on the global market.

“When we purchase soya,It implies we need to send out”, she said