The Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya has called on investors from the Kingdom of Morocco to consider investing in Fertilizer Manufacturing in Zambia.

Ms. Siliya says Zambia remains a net importer of fertilizers which makes the cost of crop production high.

She has told visiting Kingdom of Morocco Secretary of State Mounia Boucetta who paid a courtesy call at her office in Lusaka, that a lot of companies in Zambia import raw materials which they use to blend fertilizers.

The Minister says Zambia has continued to record increased crop production, and that investing in fertilizer manufacturing locally would help reduce the cost of crop production.

Ms. Siliya says Zambia’s only fertilizer manufacturing plant, the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) with more than 2 thousand employees, has outdated equipment, some of which are absolute.

And the Kingdom of Morocco Secretary of State Mounia Boucetta said she is in Zambia to follow up on agreements that were signed during the visit of the King of Morocco, in various sectors.