The Zambia National Farmers Union-ZNFU have expressed concern that those trading in commodities such as cabbages and tomatoes are facing losses due to oversupply in the market.

ZNFU Media and Public Relations Manager, Kakoma Kaleyi, tells Byta FM News in a statement that a few known farmers are dumping several fresh commodities on the market daily, causing a significant drop in prices, hence losses.

Kaleyi says many individuals, especially small-scale and emergent farmers are been negatively affected by the practice, with some contemplating stopping production altogether.

He has since urged farmers involved in an oversupply of vegetables to advance into value addition as opposed to dumping their products at Lusaka’s Soweto Market, Kasumbalesa or on the Copperbelt.

Kaleyi has noted the need to emulate the poultry industry where those with huge volumes are processing while those with smaller numbers are selling live birds.

He adds that ZNFU works with the Council and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to formalise and operationalize structured fruits and vegetable markets.

Kaleyi fears that if the never seen before dumping of farm produce by commercial farmers continues, those growing the commodities on a small scale will stop producing, and if big growers face a calamity, there will be a shortage.