A record-breaking 18,800 visitors thronged the gates of the 10th anniversary AgriTech Expo, a testament to the growing hunger for innovation in Zambia’s agricultural sector.

Organisers, DLG Agriculture, the Zambian National Farmers Union (ZNFU) and Golden Valley Research Trust (GART) beamed with pride as they ushered in a vibrant marketplace buzzing with regional and international industry professionals, young agri-entrepreneurs, and farmers of all scales.

The expo wasn’t just about deals. It was a masterclass in next-generation food production. Farmers gained valuable insights into the latest global trends, fostering knowledge exchange and propelling the industry forward.

Exhibitors left with glowing reviews, and with good reason. The expo boasted its second-highest attendance ever, with 175 companies showcasing their latest wares. From insightful workshops to captivating crop plots, attendees were spoilt for choice.

But the show’s real stars were the cutting-edge technologies and machinery on display. Sustainable practices took centre stage, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of responsible and profitable agribusiness.

The sprawling 85,000-square-metre expo grounds became a haven for farmers of every background. From small-scale cultivators to commercial giants, all found a professional platform to connect with world-class agricultural machinery suppliers.

Even government officials got their hands dirty, with both Minister of Agriculture Reuben Mutolo Phiri and Minister of Water Development and Sanitation Mike E Mposha gracing the event with their presence.

Innovation wasn’t limited to established fields. This year saw the introduction of an expanded drone zone, brimming with five exhibitors showcasing the latest unmanned aerial technologies. A brand-new insurance and finance zone allowed farmers to explore financing options and the latest financial products from well-known brands.

The expo’s international flair remained ever-present, with more country pavilions from Zimbabwe and China joining the fold. From Germany to Russia, international suppliers presented a global smorgasbord of agricultural advancements, all meticulously tailored to address the needs of regional farmers.

Rounding out the expansive expo were dedicated zones for irrigation, energy, livestock, machinery demonstrations, and even a space for SMEs and budding businesses.

As the dust settles on this year’s successful expo, one thing is certain: the 2025 edition promises to be an even greater harvest of innovation, brimming with the potential to empower farmers and propel Zambia’s agricultural sector to even loftier heights.