South African company Agrico has partnered with Multicrop to provide comprehensive services for Zambian farmers and surrounding countries.

The joint venture offers state of the art irrigation and farming equipment, the latest web control technology, flexible payment terms and a strong local presence and support.

 “Zambian agriculture is flourishing and has huge potential”, said Alfred Andrag, Chief Operations Officer of Agrico.

Andrag applauded the attractive investment terms offered by government, the availability of large tracts of land and the abundance of water, encouraging large scale developments growing crops under irrigation which include wheat, maize, soya beans, potatoes, sugar cane, coffee and tobacco.

He added that the sector is growing from individual commercial farms to large scale operations such as Mansa Sugar, Silverlands Farming, Northern Coffee Corporation and Amatheon Agri, amongst others.

According to Andrag there are currently around 100 000 hectares under irrigation in Zambia, with potential for much more.

Currently Andrag is installing  irrigation systems on 1500 hectare of sugar cane and 500 hectare of coffee in northern Zambia,  using the latest technology to ensure energy efficient water application, irrigation efficiency, high uniformities needed for high yields, capability to automate and control irrigation and pump systems through the internet.

“With this joint venture, we are looking forward to offering a more comprehensive service,” he said.

Agrico with 113 years in operation manufactures and retails centre pivots, irrigation equipment, implements and tractors while Multicrop specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of all irrigation equipment on farms throughout Zambia.