The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has unveiled a strategic roadmap for Zambia’s development, injecting a much-needed boost into the nation’s aspirations for a brighter future. The newly approved Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for 2024-2029 outlines a clear path, focusing on two critical areas: unlocking the private sector’s potential through infrastructure development and revitalizing the agricultural value chain.

“This revamped CSP serves as a vital tool to support Zambia’s vision of accelerating its socioeconomic transformation and improving the lives of its people,” explains Raubil Durowoju, head of the Bank’s Country Office in Zambia. He emphasizes the dual focus: “Firstly, we aim to build a robust infrastructure network, paving the way for increased productivity, enhanced competitiveness, and economic diversification. Secondly, we’ll support value addition and job creation within the agricultural sector, with a particular focus on empowering women and young people.”

The Bank’s interventions will be instrumental in expanding and improving Zambia’s road and rail network, unlocking development opportunities across various sectors. Additionally, the focus on climate-resilient infrastructure and transport development will strengthen regional trade, particularly along key corridors.

Furthermore, the AfDB’s efforts in the water and sanitation sector promise to significantly improve access to clean water and sanitation facilities, leading to a healthier population and reduced healthcare costs associated with waterborne diseases.

Finally, the Bank will extend its support to the agricultural sector, prioritizing the development of farm blocks and value chains. This will enhance the sector’s resilience to climate change and boost overall agricultural productivity. The Bank’s collaboration with the Zambian government and private sector will also focus on fostering technological and digital innovation within the agricultural sector, further strengthening agricultural value chains.

With an active portfolio in Zambia comprising 23 projects and a total commitment of nearly a billion US dollars as of February 29, 2024, the African Development Bank Group stands as a committed partner in Zambia’s journey towards a more prosperous and equitable future. This strategic roadmap presents a clear vision for progress, paving the way for a Zambia brimming with economic potential and improved livelihoods for all.