Suspected GMO grains in transit stopped for lab tests in Zambia

Suspected GMO grains in transit stopped for lab tests in Zambia

The National Biosafety Authority (NBA) in Zambia halted trucks carrying grains in transit on suspicions of Genetic Modified Organisms (GMOs) contained.

According to Lusaka Times, samples of the products said to be from a neighbouring country were taken for laboratory testing to ensure that they are GMO free.

NBA Senior Biosafety Officer Standards and Technical Liaison Christopher Simuntala supposed the trucks were prevented from proceeding in order for the Authority to conduct the appropriate laboratory analysis on the grains.

Mr Simuntala further noted that the products had permits from other relevant authorities and there was an escort for them. The Authorities needed certainty of GMO free products as the country they were coming from was undergoing a research though at confined field trials.

Furthermore, NBA Chief Executive Officer Lackson Tonga said the Authority is mandated to ensure the safety of humans, animals and the environment and anything that is suspicious will not be allowed either to pass through or come in the country.

The NBA met with officials from Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA), Ministry of Health (MoH), Ministry of Agriculture, District Administrative Officer, other government officials and some Clearing Agents.


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