State to expedite establishment of artificial insemination centres

State to expedite establishment of artificial insemination centres

GOVERNMENT will expedite the establishment of artificial insemination centres in all districts of the country to improve livestock production and food security.
Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries permanent secretary David Shamulenge said the country will need strategies that will improve livestock breeding methods to help develop the sector.
Dr Shamulenge said this recently in a submission to the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Affairs, Energy and Labour which was discussing the high poverty levels in the face of sustainable economic growth in Zambia. The committee was chaired by Mazabuka Central member of Parliament Gary Nkombo.
“Increased investments in services such as artificial insemination will play a critical role in growing the sector as well as boosting the farmers’ livelihoods.
“For accelerated reduction of poverty and associated food insecurity at both household and national levels, development efforts in the livestock sub-sector need to focus on scaling up artificial insemination services through establishment of artificial insemination centres in all districts,” he said.
Dr Shamulenge also said there is need to improve locally available livestock genetic materials through breed selection or use of improved semen through artificial insemination and promotion of embryo transfer.

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