Perry of Oakley announces new economy range of dryers

Perry of Oakley announces new economy range of dryers

Perry of Oakley Ltd have announced the introduction of the Mistral Dryer Range, this new range is set to cater for their old and new clients who do not require the full commercial specification of the Savannah Series drier.

According to a statement on their website, the latest development by the company is meant to cater to their vast yet different customer base.

“Perry’s Savannah Series dryer has proven to be a popular & reliable choice for both new and old customers, but not everyone requires the full commercial specification of the Savannah Series drier, which is why Perry’s are pleased to announce the introduction of the Mistral Dryer Range,” read the statement.

The statement also describes the Mistral Dryer Range as having capacities of 8th through to 30th available, and it has been tailor-made to suit small-scale farming as it was made with smaller-scale farms at the heart of the design.

Perry of Oakley Ltd. is best known in the agricultural industry for being able to provide their dealers with high-quality solutions for drying, handling & storing combinable crops. With the Mistral Dryer Range, Perry can now offer a more economic drier, with the same great performance that their commercial range of driers offers.

According to Perry of Oakley key design features of the Mistral Series includes up to 30th  throughput capacity – ideally suited for small to medium-sized farms, who perhaps thought a continuous flow dryer was out of their price range.

It is operated via a hard-wired basic panel with auto discharge – tried and tested technology that is more cost-conscious than a PLC panel.

As standard, the Mistral is fitted with Perry’s proven roller discharge, a technology that was installed as standard, according to the company, on dryers for over 20 years.

There are also full ranges of optional extras available as most of the options available on the Savannah Series driers are also available on the Mistral. This means that over time, you can upgrade your Mistral Drier to a full Savannah if required.

“The Mistral dryer has been designed with the same knowledge and experience that has lead Perry to produce their most efficient driers to date, the Savannah Series Dryers.

The Mistral is a more cost-effective option to help ensure that small scale farmers have access to the best technology available on the market,” concluded the statement.

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