More foreign investments will make Zambia a regional agricultural hub

More foreign investments will make Zambia a regional agricultural hub

Zambian industry group, Northwestern Chamber of Commerce and Industry, are calling on more foreign investments in agriculture to help the country be the breadbasket for the Southern African region.

Mukumbi Kafuta who is the president of the group said more Chinese greenfield investment will strengthen and grow the industry.

He said the Chinese can invest in various technologies to bring about improved crop cultivation in Zambia especially with the issue of climate change.

Mukumbi said agricultural industry in Zambia should have various foreign investors for the benefit of the people through job creation.

“With the Chinese work culture, the country will benefit if Chinese set up greenfield investments in the sector,” he said.

On cash crops such as maize, wheat and rice, he said the country should have enough food to export to other neighbouring countries.

He cited the Democratic Republic of Congo as being a readily available market for agriculture produce from Zambia.

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