Kalumbila Mine sets up horticultural center

Kalumbila Mine sets up horticultural center

Kalumbila District Farmers Association (KDFA) has applauded Kalumbila Minerals Limited for the formation of a horticultural centre.

This comes about through a partnership with Private Enterprise Programme Zambia (PEPZ).

In an interview with Daily Nation, KDFA Chairperson Hachipabenda Nsubula made mention that the centre would aid with easy market access for the farmers dealing in horticultural products.

‘’We thank Kalumbila mine through the Trident Foundation for coming with this initiative as the centre would offer a centralised location for horticultural products. This is commendable,” Nsubula said.

Nsubula further added that importing horticultural products by the mining company would come to an end following the formation of the centre.

KDFA Chairperson also commended the mining firm for the provision of technical assistant which enables farmers to participate in commercial value chains.

Furthermore, Nsubula has urged farmers to embrace new farming technology.

Meanwhile, government has been commended for the early distribution of farm inputs to the local farmers.



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