Fish Pond Empowerment Projects takes off in Mufulira

Fish Pond Empowerment Projects takes off in Mufulira

Mufulira District on the Copperbelt province in Zambia is receiving its share of development through the recently constructed fish ponds under a project spearheaded by Kankoyo Member of Parliarment, Brian mushimba.

According to reports in the media, of the 24 fish ponds constructed, for a start, 8 have been stocked up with 5,000 fingerings per fish pond and are expected to roll out the pilot project.

Mushimba said the initiative is aimed at empowering the community through job creation, raising community nutritional value and raising capital from the proceeds to channel into other women and youth empowerment programs and make a difference in Kankoyo.

“We stocked our fish ponds in Kankoyo with fish, 5,000 fingerlings per fish pool. We are piloting with 8 fish ponds before we completely roll out to all the other ponds later,” he said.

The Fish Pond Empowerment project in Mufulira has come at a demanding time as a number of the locals will be employed under this project.


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