Dupont Pioneer challenge Africa to improve farming

Dupont Pioneer challenge Africa to improve farming

International seed company Dupont Pioneer says there is need to enhance global interaction on agricultural challenges for farmers and consumers to enjoy the rewards.

Tracy Willits the company’s Global Communications Director said the continent’s agribusiness value chains should align to changing market conditions, to improve efficiency and strive to meet consumer requirements in a competitive global trade system.

Willits said value added agriculture as a percentage of gross domestic products for Africa remains very low, and there room for significant growth.

“Africa needs global interactions, new learning and innovation systems involving regional cooperation, by sharing new types of partnerships between farmers, investors and researchers, and the right incentives and public actions that crowd in rather than crowd out private investment,” she said.

Willits cited investment in transport, infrastructure and access to energy and water management efficiency, are vital for agribusiness to thrive.

Other factors which are also important in promoting agricultural development in Africa include access to information and communication technologies.

Willits said there is need to boost agricultural productivity to achieve sustainable industrial and agribusiness development as a means of wealth and job creation.

“The transformation of agricultural raw materials into industrial products depends increasingly on the capacity of African entrepreneurs to participate and compete in global, regional and local value chains,” she said.

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