Thumps up for e-Voucher: desired feedback

Thumps up for e-Voucher: desired feedback

News that non-governmental organisations are impressed by the e-voucher system is desire feedback that all national projects and programmes should be getting.

As call for more and more austerity measures reverberate across the economy, anything affordable and efficient for government is welcome.

Not only is the e-voucher an affordable product for the government but indications are that it has huge potential to ease liquidity amongst farmers, hence civil society organizations (CSOs) want authorities to prioritize successful roll out of the e-voucher programme.

With real time payments and ease liquidity, the farming community will not only be enveloped in joy but the situation creates a health environment for sustainability.

Analysts have indicated that the country’s growing fiscal pressure emphasizes the need to fully commit to the e-voucher particularly in light of governments commitment to fiscal consolidation in the face of high debt levels.

Authorities should remember that the country is already reeling in debts, therefore, any measure to minimise this is most welcome. Financial stability is what the economy needs more than anything.

Apart from the economic benefits the e-voucher system promises to the farming community, let us remember that the 4th industrial revolution is sweeping across countries and our farmers cannot be left behind.

Let us help the farming community move with the modern times; even equipment mechanization should also be brought to speed.

Government should exploit potential of public private partnership to ensure the much needed mechanization for the fortunes of the farming sector to turnaround and support the country’s economic endevours.

Meanwhile CSOs also believe that commitment to the e-voucher would send a clear message to external partners, such as the IMF, that Zambia is willing to make tough decisions and take the necessary action to put the economy back on track.

With or without yardstick from international financers the nation should rally behind all good initiatives with such prospective to lift the livelihoods of farmers.

An able body nation without sustainable farmers is bound to fail due to high import food bill, a situation that we should deny.

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